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This page lists our currently available material on XML, including some of its applications. Please scroll through the list below and click on any item to get further information.

Web Design: A Complete Introduction Appendix B


This is Appendix B, XML Namespaces, from Web Design: A Complete Introduction. This short appendix describes how XML namespaces work.

[1 file, 321.9 kB]


Digital Multimedia 3rd Ed. 15 XML and Multimedia


This is Chapter 15, XML and Multimedia, from Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition. It provides an introduction to XML syntax and DTDs, namespaces and SVG.

[1 file, 1.2 MB]

PRICE: GBP £1.99

Digital Multimedia 3rd Ed. Pocket PDF Slides 15 XML and Multimedia

Dmm3e pocketpdfslides 15 xml

A set of small format (480 × 300 pixels) PDF Key Points Slides for Chapter 15, XML and Multimedia, of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition, designed for display on mobile devices. Illustrated in full colour.

PDF document: please check that your mobile device can import and display PDF.

[1 file, 267.2 kB]

PRICE: GBP £0.49