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Pocket PDFs

This part of the site lists our special pocket-sized PDFs – small format PDF documents designed specially for use on smart phones and other mobile and portable devices. It includes both free downloads and items for sale. Prices for most of our Pocket PDFs are very low.

MacAvon Media PDF documents can be read with any program that opens PDF. You do NOT need “Adobe Digital Editions” to read MacAvon Media PDFs.

Our current Pocket PDFs for mobiles include:

Please select a category from the sub-menu under “Pocket PDFs” on the left navbar.

What Are Pocket PDFs?

Pocket PDFs are PDF documents designed for display on mobile devices such as smart phones, the Apple iPod Touch and larger devices such as Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle (recent versions).

Pocket PDFs are high quality PDF documents of 480 x 300 pixels, with high resolution images which display well even when you zoom in. For this reason some file sizes are quite large – please check the file size details for each download.

Please ensure that your mobile device can import and display PDF documents before you buy Pocket PDF downloads. We have provided some free Pocket PDF downloads for you to test on your own mobile phone or other device. There is usually one free download available in each Pocket PDF category.

Pocket PDFs are produced at high quality so they also look good on full-sized computer screens.

Some general information about reading PDF on mobile devices is given below.

Which Mobile Devices Can Display Pocket PDFs?

Many mobile devices can now import and display PDF documents, and new devices are being added all the time, so please make sure you have checked whether your own mobile phone or device can import and display PDF.

To assist you we have compiled a list (below) of the devices/operating systems which we know support PDF, but there will certainly be others both now and in the future which can also read PDF.

In mid-2010, the devices/operating systems which support PDF include:

Devices using system: Apple iOS

Amazon’s Kindle (recent versions)

Devices using system: Android

Devices using system: WebOS

Devices using system: Symbian

Devices using system: BlackBerry OS

Do I Need to Install Special Software to Read Pocket PDFs?

Pocket PDFs are standard PDF documents, but all devices need appropriate software to read PDF. In most cases this software can be downloaded free from the manufacturer. If you have not already installed a PDF reader on your mobile or portable device, here are some links for the most widely used devices and readers, but this list does not cover everything available, do please check for yourself if your device isn’t listed here:

For Apple devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad you should install Apple’s iBooks app

For Amazon’s Kindle, please check your local Amazon’s current Help page for the Kindle.

For the Palm and devices using the Symbian and PocketPC systems you should install the Adobe Reader for Palm, Symbian and PocketPC

For devices using the Android system you should install Adobe Reader for Android

These external links are provided in good faith to assist you, but we cannot take responsibility for any content or software external to this site or guarantee that the links are always up to date.

If you are unsure about how to buy a PDF download, please read the information page Buying Downloads.