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A Web Developer's Guide to Securing a Server

Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman

Published by MacAvon Media, 98 pages.

ISBN13: 978-0956737-03-8, ISBN10: 0-956737-03-X

Securing a server cover

A short book in the Web Security Topics series, intended for Web developers. This guide provides a clear, easy–to–understand introduction to securing a Web server host running a Unix-like operating system such as Ubuntu Server. Includes key points at the end of every section, and a full glossary.

Also available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon. Recommended prices for paperback £6.99 (GBP), $11.99 (USD), €8.99 (EU); Kindle edition £2.99 (GBP), $3.99 (USD), €3.49 (EU), Rs125 (INR, for customers in India only) – actual prices may vary, depending on your location.

First published 2011-11-30

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Written for Web developers who have to act as part-time sysadmins, the book offers a commonsense, practical approach to everyday security for busy developers who have to take responsibility for setting up and securing Web servers for small businesses and non-profit organizations which do not have critical security requirements.

Based on first-hand practical experience combined with extensive computing knowledge, this handy book explains the important principles and processes which the developer needs to understand and put into practice. Full of down-to-earth advice, it will help any Web developer avoid the main pitfalls and security risks when administering a server host.

This guide is not intended for developers administering Windows-based servers.

Topics covered include the available methods for remotely administering a server and transferring files to it, systems of permissions based on user accounts, how to restrict users and processes to minimize security risks, how to prevent unwanted connections by eliminating inessential servers and setting up a firewall, and how to recover from break-ins to the server if the worst should happen.

Clear key points provide summaries at the end of each section, and a 14-page glossary of technical terms is included.

Table of Contents

About This Book vii
Introduction 1
Remote Access 4
Transferring Files 10
Web-Based Administration 11
Key Points 16
Users 18
Permissions 18
The Root User 21
Key Points 26
Processes 28
The Web Server 28
The Database 35
Key Points 41
Preventing Connections 43
Eliminating Inessential Servers 43
Firewalls 47
Key Points 54
Dealing With Intruders 56
Logs 56
Recovery 60
Key Points 65
Glossary 67
Index 81
PDF Version and Special Offer 85