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Digital Multimedia 3rd Ed. Pocket PDF Slides 01 Introduction

Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman

Published by MacAvon Media, 18 pages.

This item provides supplementary teaching and learning support for the book Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition

Dmm3e pocketpdfslides 1 introduction Dmm cover

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A set of small format (480 × 300 pixels) PDF Key Points Slides for Chapter 1, Introduction of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition, designed for display on mobile devices. Illustrated in full colour.

PDF document: please check that your mobile device can import and display PDF. This short set of slides for Chapter 1 is provided FREE for you to test.

First published 2010-08-16

This short set of 18 Key Points slides for Chapter 1 of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition is intended especially for display on pocket-sized mobile devices and on larger portable devices and readers such as the Apple iPad and newer versions of Amazon’s Kindle. The slides also look good on full sized computer screens.

Please ensure that you know how to import and display (or convert) PDF files on the device(s) you intend to use for reading the slides.

These pocket PDF slides contain text and high quality images – the same material as the standard set of lecture slides for Chapter 1 of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition, with the same page numbering for cross reference with your lectures.

You can see a low quality preview of the slides in Flash format on the Digital Multimedia support site, but please note that the Flash version on that site is of lower quality and a different size.