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Flash 5 Interactivity and Scripting

Nigel Chapman

Published by John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 264 pages.

ISBN13: 978-0471497-81-3, ISBN10: 0-471497-81-9

Flash5 cover

Published in 2001, this book provided an introduction to the very first version of ActionScript, which was introduced in Macromedia’s Flash 5. This book is now out of print.

First published 2001-01-26

Following a brief overview of Flash, the book provided a basic introduction to ActionScript, recognising that Flash developers are not necessarily programmers. It covered interface elements, creating reusable scripts with objects, scripting movie clips, interacting with HTTP and CGI scripts, controlling the browser from ActionScript, and using XML.

However, as ActionScript has changed radically since 2001, this book is no longer of any practical use, and it is only included here to ensure that a complete list of publications is available for reference. Flash 5 is obsolete, and the book is now out of print although it is still possible to obtain copies.