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L R Parsing: Theory and Practice

Nigel Chapman

Published by Cambridge University Press, 240 pages.

ISBN13: 978-0521304-13-9, ISBN10: 0-521304-13-X

Lr parsing cover

This book is a self-contained account of L R parsing and L R parser generation. Published in 1988, it is now out of print and is likely to be found only in college libraries and private collections.

First published 1988-01-29

Parsing is the analysis of syntactical structure. It is important to computer scientists because it constitutes a phase in the compilation of programs written in high-level languages.

The book provides an introduction to the often intimidating theory of L R parsing. It includes such elementary formal language theory and automata theory as is necessary for the specialised L R theory, and also considers the practicalities of implementing and using L R parsers.

This book was written in 1987 and has been out of print for several years, so it is now hard to obtain. It will be found in good technical and college libraries.