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The Late Night Guide to C++

Nigel Chapman

Published by John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 376 pages.

ISBN13: 978-0471950-71-4, ISBN10: 0-471950-71-8

C cover

The Late Night Guide to C++ was published in 1996 to introduce C++ to the experienced programmer. Although officially out of print, copies of the book are still readily available, and it is still used by some programmers today.

First published 1996-08-13

The Late Night Guide to C++ assumes no prior knowledge of the language and – despite the fact that this book was published in 1996 – it still conforms to the latest ratified C++ language standard. Starting with the simplest features of the language, the book introduces key aspects of C++ including: object–oriented programming, abstraction, inheritance, templates and the standard template library, exceptions, classes, pointers, arrays and more. By the end of the book the programmer should be able to write robust C++ programs with confidence.

This book is out of print but second-hand copies may be obtained cheaply from resellers.