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Web Design: A Complete Introduction 7 DOM Scripting

Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman

Published by MacAvon Media, 99 pages.

This item is extracted from the book Web Design: A Complete Introduction

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This is Chapter 7, DOM Scripting, from Web Design: A Complete Introduction. This chapter introduces the JavaScript language and shows some common techniques for using it to add interactivity to Web pages.

Page numbering in this chapter follows that of the printed book, for purposes of cross-reference.

First published 2006-10-27

In this chapter we describe how JavaScript can be used to add interactivity and dynamic effects to Web pages. The W3C Document Object Model is introduced as the standards-compliant collection of objects and methods for manipulating page elements by scripts.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

  • The DOM
  • JavaScript
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Applications of DOM Scripting
  • Embedded Applications

This chapter also includes Key Points and end of chapter exercises. Sample answers to the Test Questions can be found on the book’s support site.

A complete Table of Contents for Web Design: A Complete Introduction is available for free download and provides more detailed information about the contents of this chapter.

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