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Web Design: A Complete Introduction 8 Web Applications

Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman

Published by MacAvon Media, 71 pages.

This item is extracted from the book Web Design: A Complete Introduction

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This is Chapter 8, Web Applications, from Web Design: A Complete Introduction. This chapter introduces the topic of server-side scripting, which is used to generate Web pages dynamically.

Page numbering in this chapter follows that of the printed book, for purposes of cross-reference.

First published 2006-10-27

In this chapter we survey the languages and frameworks commonly used for performing server-side computation and generating Web pages dynamically. Often, the content of dynamically-generated pages is stored in a database, so we include a short introduction to conventional database technology and SQL. Some examples of server-side programming in PHP are described in detail.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

  • Server-Side Technologies
  • Ready-Made Applications
  • Databases
  • Dynamically Generated Pages

This chapter also includes Key Points and end of chapter exercises. Sample answers to the Test Questions can be found on the book’s support site.

A complete Table of Contents for Web Design: A Complete Introduction is available for free download and provides more detailed information about the contents of this chapter.

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