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Jenny Chapman

Published by Cassell, 192 pages.

ISBN13: 978-0304359-89-9, ISBN10: 0-304359-89-0

Www animation cover

Part of the Design Directories series, this book was written in 2001 as a guide to Web animation at that time. It is now out of print but is still available from resellers.

First published 2002-02-14

This highly illustrated book contains three sections: an outline of the direction and history of animation, an account of the past and present (2001) technologies used for Web animation, and a substantial glossy showcase that highlighted the most prominent and well animated sites on the Internet in 2001.

Surprisingly, some of the showcase sites – for example, Bembo’s Zoo – are still available today and are still well worth looking at. As one reviewer said, “many of the sites employ simple techniques but use sophisticated images, resulting in very engaging animation”. Even the technologies have not changed as much as you might expect, although inevitably some references seem dated now.

This book was also published by Watson-Guptill in the United States (ISBN-13: 978-0823058563). New and second-hand copies of the American edition can be obtained very cheaply from It was also translated into Japanese, French and German.

The book is now out of print but is available from online resellers at a very modest price and can be found in many libraries.