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MacAvon Media for Educational Institutions and Online Courses

Welcome to MacAvon Media for Colleges, Universities and Online Courses. This page provides some introductory information for institutions and courses wishing to purchase MacAvon Media publications in PDF format to provide to students as part of their course materials, or wishing to acquire additional material to support distance learning based on Chapman and Chapman textbooks. It also provides general information about the use of MacAvon Media materials in online courses. Please scroll down the page for further information.

If you are an online course administrator who would like to use any of our material as part of your course, please use the contact form to get in touch in the first instance. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

If you are an individual lecturer or instructor who would like to use our free support services for lecturers, please visit our information page for lecturers instead. In most cases, lecturers and instructors are entitled to free PDF copies of our textbooks, and to a wide range of lecture slides.

If you already have a MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account sign in here.

Voucher Scheme for Institutions

We are pleased to offer a special scheme for educational institutions who wish to pre-purchase multiple copies of PDF material for onward sale to their students or for provision as part of a course package. Its operation is very simple:

  1. You contact us with details of your requirements.
  2. We provide you with a quotation for the custom set of PDF files you require for your course. All prices are specially discounted for institutional purchases.
  3. You place orders for the number of PDF sets you wish to purchase, as you require them. We set up an account for your course, and provide invoices for your purchases.
  4. A special page on this site is created for each course, and the URL for that page is supplied to your course administrator or the lecturer in charge.
  5. We provide you with one free voucher code for your assurance, so that you can test the system for yourself.
  6. For every collection of files you purchase, a set of unique voucher codes is generated and supplied to you. So, for example, if you purchase 20 PDF sets of files to provide to 20 students, we supply you with 20 unique codes.
  7. You distribute the voucher codes to your students at your discretion. Each student only needs one voucher.
  8. Each voucher code entitles one student to download the specified PDF files up to 12 times automatically (on multiple occasions) and additional times by request, through their own MacAvon Media customer account.
  9. Each student you supply with a voucher code and the special URL for your course, visits that URL and proceeds to redeem the voucher. The PDF material is then automatically added to their list of downloads, and they can revisit the site at any time to download the files at their convenience.
  10. We will provide full support to each student who uses a voucher in this way, in the same way as for any other customer, and assist with any problems arising.

All downloads are supplied through MacAvon Media customer accounts. This is necessary in order to allow customers to return to the site and download files on multiple occasions, as this can only be achieved through signing in to an account.

Each student will therefore create a basic MacAvon Media customer account in the process of redeeming their voucher (unless they already have an account). This involves no more than providing a valid email address and a password, to enable repeated logins to their account.

You will have a personal contact at MacAvon Media who will provide you with assistance at any time.

Please contact us with any queries you may have. We are always happy to help.

PDF Material Eligible for Voucher Scheme

All the PDF material advertised for sale on this site, and some which is not currently advertised, is available to be included in a custom set of files for your course. The chapters of our large textbooks are made available individually, so it is possible to combine individual chapters from more than one book if you wish. Pocket PDF slides for the relevant book can also be included, as they are a valuable aid for students. You can also request the PDF of entire books, which will be provided as a set of the individual chapters, as smaller files create fewer problems in downloading.

MacAvon Media PDF documents can be read with any program that opens PDF. Students do NOT need “Adobe Digital Editions” to read MacAvon Media PDFs.

Other Material Available to Online Courses

We may be able to provide you with additional material to use as part of an online course based on a Chapman and Chapman textbook. This can include sample files for exercises and examples, and other material which may support distance learning. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Use of MacAvon Media Material in Online Courses

Online courses in the subjects covered by MacAvon Media books are very popular and widespread. All MacAvon Media material is of course copyrighted, and subject to the normal copyright restrictions. For general guidance on copyright, please read our page on copyright issues.

We offer the following guidelines for courses wishing to incorporate our material into online course material of any kind.

If you are running a for-profit online course, please read the section below on “For-Profit Institutions and Online Courses”.

If you have an online or distance learning course (other than a for-profit course) based on our material, and are purchasing PDF documents from MacAvon Media for provision to students, you are welcome to make use of the related lecture slides as part of your online course materials. In order to gain access to the slides, a lecturer responsible for creating the course materials should request a lecturer’s account on this site. We ask that – as a courtesy – the lecturer lets us know what materials they are using and in what way. We assume that access to the course materials will be restricted to the participants in your online course.

If you would like additional materials – such as exercise files or supplementary projects – to support your course, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As usual with copyright material, it is not permissible for parts of any of our books to be incorporated into online course material, or distributed through online courses to students in any way other than by sale of PDF material through our voucher scheme, except under a specific agreement with us in writing.

For-Profit Institutions and Online Courses

MacAvon Media does not provide free teaching and learning materials to for-profit institutions or online courses which are operated purely as commercial enterprises, nor to individual instructors employed by these institutions and courses. If you are a course administrators or lecturer at a for-profit institution wishing to purchase MacAvon Media publications or course materials, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

MacAvon Media’s free materials and services for lecturers are intended for lecturers and instructors at public and private educational institutions whose fundamental purpose and mission is to educate.