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Copyright Information

All books, documents and media sold from this site – and all the material on the site itself – is copyright material and protected by the international laws of copyright. Except where it is for your own personal, private use (see below), it is against the law to reproduce any of this material or to copy it or sell it in any form unless you have permission in writing from the copyright owners. These laws apply to electronic documents such as PDFs in the same way that they apply to printed material.

Copyright Infringements and Piracy

Many people are confused about the legality of downloading PDF copies of books. Basically, if a book is by a living author or is still in copyright, downloading “free” copies from pirate sites and other online repositories is illegal. More importantly, it means that the author doesn’t get paid for their work.

Everyone knows that piracy of copyright material does sometimes occur with both printed and electronic documents, despite the fact that it is illegal. MacAvon Media provides PDFs for sale in good faith, and trusts that the large majority of buyers will respect copyright restrictions.

We reserve the right to close any MacAvon Media account without warning if the holder of that account is found to be abusing this trust.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd. and John Wiley & Sons Inc. can and do take vigorous legal steps to prevent infringements of their licences – which cover the printed editions of some of our books – and to obtain compensation for those infringements.

PDF material sold from this site is sold by the authors themselves, who are the copyright owners. Any other PDF versions offered on the Web are illegal copies.

What Copyright Restrictions Mean in Practice

Copyright law makes it illegal not only to make copies of copyright material for distribution to other people, but also to reproduce all or part of any copyright material. The owner of copyright has the exclusive right to copy the work, and to issue copies to the public. Any person wishing to do either of these “restricted acts” needs prior permission of the copyright owner, by way of a copyright licence. So if you wish to reproduce part of a MacAvon Media document or a MacAvon Media work in other media for the purposes of publication or distribution of any kind, you must obtain our explicit permission in writing first.

Copying solely for the purposes of private research or private study IS permitted under the law, providing that such copying is for non-commercial purposes and for your private use only.

You may also quote short passages from copyright material for non-commercial purposes (for example, in an academic assignment or in a blog), providing that full acknowledgment is given to the authors and publisher. You may not “pass off” copyright material as being your own work.

Please note that when you create an account on this site you explicitly agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale which include your agreement to observe all copyright restrictions. If we have reason to believe that an account holder is not observing copyright restrictions we reserve the right to suspend that account without notice.

It has recently come to our attention that some American college publishing houses have been trying to produce printed course packages which include chapters of our books. Please note that this is not legal.

Printed course bundles containing individual chapters of Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition or our other books are not legal – not even when produced as college in-house publications.

Copyright Owners and Licensees

Copyright in all the material made available on or through this site, including the three books listed below, belongs to MacAvon Media or to Nigel and Jenny Chapman.

Please contact us if you have any questions about copyright or require permission to make copies or use any of the material provided through or on this site.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd., the publishers of the three major textbooks listed below in printed form, do not hold copyright in any of the material sold from this site or in any of these works, but they do hold a world-wide exclusive licence to publish the following three works in printed form:

This means that only John Wiley & Sons Ltd. are entitled to publish any part of these books in print, and as sole licensees they are able to take legal steps to prevent any other publication in print or to obtain compensation for infringements. However, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. are not entitled to grant sub-licences for publication of parts of those books in printed forms.

A clear copyright statement will be found towards the beginning of every PDF document and book which we sell.