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Course Bundles

A course bundle is a collection of one or more PDF documents which have been selected personally by a college lecturer or instructor. The bundle is then available to buy as a single unit at a special discounted price from a dedicated page on this site.

PDF Bundles for Educational Institutions and Online Courses

This page describes PDF course bundles which may be constructed by lecturers for students to purchase from this site as they require.

We are also pleased to offer a special scheme for institutions who wish to purchase multiple copies of PDF material for onward sale to their students or for provision as part of a course package or an online course. For further information on this voucher scheme, please read our page for colleges and online courses.

Pricing and Discounts for Course Bundles

The purpose of providing PDF course bundles is to make customised selections of course material chosen by lecturers available in PDF format for students to buy at low prices, and to ensure that students are guided to a safe, cheap source for the recommended material for their course.

A discount of between 10% and 40% off the normal prices displayed on this site will apply to all course bundles. The total price and rate of discount depends upon which items are included and the total number of items in the bundle.

Pricing Example: A typical course bundle of 7 popular introductory and digital media chapters (i.e. Chapters 1-4 and 6-8 inclusive) from Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition costs £9.70 GBP, which at September 2011 exchange rates is approximately $15.47 US Dollars or approximately 11 Euros.

Detailed information about pricing and discounts is given under the “Lecturer FAQs”, which are only visible when you have signed in to a Lecturer’s Account.

If you are a student on a course using one (or more) of our books for which no course bundle of PDF material has been created, you will be able to buy the course material at a lower price if your lecturer creates a course bundle for your course.

Security for Students, Reassurance for Lecturers

MacAvon Media course bundles provide great security for students, as they know that the correct material for their course has been selected by their own lecturer from a safe and tested source and a “clean” copy of the download is coming straight from the authors. If any problems do arise, students can be confident that they can ask their lecturer or instructor to contact us on their behalf if necessary, and we will sort things out without delay.

Students seeking downloads of textbooks in PDF format on the Web are otherwise exposed to a variety of risks including:

MacAvon Media course bundles avoid all of these problems. They also provide reassurance for lecturers, who know exactly what material their students are obtaining, from where and at what price.

About Our PDF Documents

Our full-sized PDFs are high-quality documents published in full colour. When a PDF document is a chapter or other extract from one of our printed books, page numbering matches the book.

The PDFs look great on portable devices such as the Apple iPad, and may be read on any device which supports PDF.

Any student who buys our PDF material is able to download each file 3 (three) times for use on different devices, through access to their list of downloads in their own customer account.

Lecturers have free access to our PDF documents through our Lecturers’ Accounts so can personally check any document before selecting it for inclusion in course bundle.

PDF chapters of our books are only legally available direct from us.

Printed course bundles containing individual chapters of our books are not legal – not even when produced as college in-house publications.

Creating Course Bundles

A course bundle can only be created by a lecturer or instructor through a Lecturer’s Account. Lecturers’ Accounts are only available to bona fide lecturers and instructors at educational institutions. Please note that when you apply for a Lecturer’s Account you will be asked to supply your college email address, your name and full details of your institution, department and course(s), and some means of verifying your identity, such as a current college, departmental or course Web page which includes your details. All applications for Lecturers’ Accounts require to be validated by MacAvon Media before the account can be used.

If you are a college lecturer or instructor and do not yet have a Lecturer’s Account:

Request a Lecturer’s Account now.

A lecturer or instructor can at any time sign in to their Lecturer’s Account and create a course bundle (adding a new course to their account profile if necessary), or edit or delete an existing bundle. The process is very simple – PDF chapters or documents are selected from a list of all those available, and the price for the bundle is displayed interactively as items are added to or removed from the bundle.

If you already have a Lecturer’s Account, sign in here.

Buying Course Bundles

Once a course bundle has been created, it is available to buy from this site on a special page dedicated to that bundle. The URL of each bundle’s page is supplied to the lecturer who created it, so that they can embed it in the course’s supporting Web page and students can click through to buy the bundle at any time.

Course bundles may be bought in the same way as any other downloads for sale from this site. For full information please read the page on Buying Downloads. Please note that in order to buy a course bundle or any other material on sale from this site, you will need to create an account by supplying a legitimate email address and a password. Please read the page on Creating an Account for further information.

If you do not already have an account and click straight through to the course bundle page from a course Web site, you will be prompted to create an account when you click the button to buy the bundle. If you already have a MacAvon Media account, you will need to sign in.

Once you have bought a course bundle, all the individual chapters or documents in the bundle will automatically show up in your list of downloads, and will remain available to download at any time. You need to sign in to your account to see your list of downloads.

Copyright Issues

Please note that exactly the same copyright restrictions apply to material made available in course bundles as to all other downloads from this site. Please read the information page on Copyright Issues for a fuller explanation.