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Creating an Account

In order to download any material from this site, you need to create an account. There are two types of account available: simple customer accounts, which are available to anyone, and Lecturer’s Accounts, which are only available to bona fide lecturers and instructors at recognized educational institutions.

If you already have a MacAvon Media account, sign in here.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale before creating an account. When you create an account you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Simple Customer Accounts

To buy downloads from this site, or to download any file marked “Free Download”, you need to create a simple customer account. This process is very quick and easy, and we do not ask for any personal information. If you do not already have an account you will prompted to create one as soon as you add anything to your shopping basket. All you need to provide is a valid email address and a secure password. You can then complete your purchase or obtain your free downloads.

Lecturers’ Accounts

Only bona fide instructors at recognized educational institutions are eligible to open Lecturers’ Accounts. We check all requests for Lecturers’ Accounts personally. When you request a Lecturer’s Account you will be asked to supply your name, details of your department and institution, details of your course(s), your academic email address and some means of verifying your position and identity, such as a current college Web page which includes your contact details, a staff ID card or a referee at your educational institution.

Request a Lecturer’s Account now.

If your identity, academic email address and position as a member of staff cannot be verified through reference to a current college Web page, we will contact you by email to request a photograph or scan of your college ID card or some other means of verification. All applications for Lecturers’ Accounts are checked by us and validated before the request is approved..

Once your application for a Lecturer’s Account has been approved, the account has to be activated by you before you can see the lecturers’ side of the site. Activation details are sent by email to every lecturer or instructor whose application for a Lecturer’s Account has been approved.

Free Downloads

As soon as you create an account of any kind, all those files which are available for anyone to download for free will automatically be listed under “Your Downloads” and you will be able to download them immediately.

If you have an activated Lecturer’s Account, the files which are available free to lecturers are not added automatically to “Your Downloads”. You need to choose the files you require from the special “For Lecturers” menu (only visible when you are signed in to a Lecturer’s Account) and add them to your downloads list explicitly.

Why You Need an Account

We cannot provide you with a list of the downloads you have bought or are eligible to download for free unless we create a unique identity for you. The records of which files have been bought, which have already been downloaded and which are available for free have to be matched with a particular identity – otherwise anyone might be able to download the files you paid for, and you could not be provided with a list of your personal downloads which enables you, among other things, to download the same file several times if necessary.

So you need to create a simple customer account in order for the records of your personal purchases and downloads to be associated with you. This enables you to sign in at any time to check which files you can download – including the free ones.

Your account is for your own personal use only.

In the case of lecturers and instructors, information about your department and course(s) is associated with your account, and your verified identity allows you access to our range of Services for Lecturers through secure login.

Email Addresses

It is essential that you provide a genuine, valid email address. This address will be used to confirm your download purchases, and to correspond with you in the event that you experience any problems or are eligible for a refund. If you do not provide a genuine email address we cannot provide you with a proper service. Except in the case of a Lecturer’s Account we do not ask for any other contact information or personal details of any kind.

Lecturers and instructors who wish to open a Lecturer’s Account must supply a legitimate college email address, which will be verified and used to contact you before your account can be activated.

Security and Passwords

For your own sake you are strongly advised to choose a unique and secure password for use on this site (and on any other site where you create an account). This is not because there is any particular risk associated with this site. On the contrary, as we hold no personal or financial details, no such details could be obtained by breaking into your account here.

To protect you further we ask you to set a password of at least 8 characters, including at least 1 digit, and we use very secure encryption. It is up to you, however, to ensure that you do not use the same password on multiple sites.

It is very common for Internet fraudsters and thieves to try to discover users’ passwords. Such attempts to learn passwords are being made all the time. It is also only too common for users to use the same password on many different sites. If you use an insecure password on any site – that is, if you use a password (such as a word found in a dictionary) which can easily be guessed by a computer program if not by a person – then it becomes possible for a thief to discover what combination of email address and password you are using, by a simple process of trial and error. Once a thief has obtained this information they will try to use it elsewhere to break into your other accounts, where much more important personal and financial details may be held – for example at popular retail sites or at banking sites, eBay or PayPal. This is a very common way for identities and financial information to be stolen.