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Free Downloads

Some files are offered as free downloads. This means that anyone can download these files for free at any time, but you will still need to create an account – or sign in to an existing account – in order to download any material from this site.

If you already have a MacAvon Media account, sign in here.

If you are a college lecturer or instructor, please read the paragraph “Free Downloads for College Lecturers” below, or the page on Services for College Lecturers. Most college lecturers can obtain free PDF evaluation copies of all the chapters of our textbooks, a wide range of lecture slides, and other material.

Many people are confused about the legality of downloading PDF copies of books. Basically, if a book is by a living author or is still in copyright, downloading “free” copies from pirate sites and other online repositories is illegal. More importantly, it means that the author doesn’t get paid for their work. Downloading free PDF material from this site is legal, as it is provided by the authors themselves.

If You Do Not Already Have A MacAvon Media Account

If you do not already have an account you will be prompted to create one when you click on a “Free Download” button. For further information about customer accounts please read the information page on Creating an Account. To create an account you just need to provide a valid email address and password. We do not ask for any personal information.

As soon as you create an account, all the files which are available for anyone to download for free will be listed under the heading “Available Downloads: Free for All Account Holders” on the page “Your Downloads”, and you will be able to download them immediately.

If You Already Have a MacAvon Media Account

If you have already created an account at MacAvon Media, all of the files currently available as free downloads will show up under the heading “Available Downloads: Free for All Account Holders” in “Your Downloads” whenever you are signed in to your account. If new files become available to download for free, they will automatically be added to your downloads list.

Free downloads will typically include introductory chapters and appendices for the major textbooks, sample material, tables of contents, “hints and tips” documents, updates to technical material that has become dated, and so on.

Free Downloads for College Lecturers

Most college lecturers and instructors are eligible for free downloads of PDF evaluation copies of our books, lecture slides in various formats, and other material useful in course preparation.

This facility is only available to bona fide lecturers and instructors at recognised educational institutions. Access to our services for lecturers is provided through MacAvon Media Lecturers’ Accounts. Please note that when you apply for a Lecturer’s Account you will be asked to supply your college email address, your name and full details of your institution, department and course(s), and some means of verifying your identity, such as a current college, departmental or course Web page which includes your details. All applications for Lecturers’ Accounts require to be validated by MacAvon Media before the account can be used.

Request a Lecturer’s Account now.

If your identity, academic email address and position as a member of staff cannot be verified through reference to a current college Web page, we will contact you by email to request a photograph or scan of your college ID card or some other means of verification. All applications for Lecturers’ Accounts are checked by us and validated before the request is approved.

MacAvon Media’s services for lecturers are intended for lecturers and instructors at public and private educational institutions whose fundamental purpose and mission is to educate. MacAvon Media does not provide free teachning and learning materials to for-profit institutions or online courses which are operated purely as commercial enterprises, nor to individual instructors employed by these institutions and courses.

Copyright Issues

Please remember that exactly the same copyright restrictions apply to material made available for free download as to downloads which are sold. Whether or not you have to pay for something does not affect copyright issues in any way. Please read the information page on Copyright Issues for a fuller explanation.